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The Assam Public Works Roads Department was established in the year 1880 under British Rule. At the beginning it had the responsibility for public infrastructure development, construction, and maintenance of assets created, but, in the year 1956 the Embankment and Drainage (E&D) was bifurcated as an independent Department. Subsequently, the Assam PWD has been bifurcated into two viz. Public Works Roads Department and Public Works Building & NH Department vide Govt order No AR.9/2010/113 Dt. 05.05.2010 issued by the Principal Secretary to the Govt of Assam, Administrative Reforms & Training Department. The principal function of the Public Works Roads Department (PWRD) is to improve and maintain the road infrastructure.
The vision of the Department is to ensure better and safe road connectivity to all the places of State.
Mission: 1) Construction of all weather road to give connectivity to all Habitations and the places of importance. 2) Improvement/ widening/ strengthening of State Highways & Major District Roads to provide better riding quality to road users, reduce travel time and vehicle operating cost ( VOC). 3) Improve the road maintenance system with proper road asset management system 4) Improve Road Safety Management system.
1) To improve and upgrade the SH & MDRs.
2) To provide uninterrupted road connectivity to habitations and places of importance.
3) Construction of bridges ( conversion of timber bridge to RCC and construction of RCC Bridges on missing links)
4) To improve road maintenance system
5) To implement road safety measures.
6) Research for improvement of quality
7) Capacity Building
1) Improvement of Rural Roads and State Highways & Major District Roads.
2) Construction of RCC Bridges.
3) Planning and prioritization of the road network and maintaining inventory of roads and bridges.
4) Installation of road furniture.
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1) Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways, Govt of India
2) Department of Economic Affairs, Govt of India
3) Ministry of Rural Development, Govt of India
4) Ministry of DONER Govt of India
5) North Eastern Council
6) Planning & Development Department, Govt of Assam
7) Finance Department, Govt of Assam
8) WPT & BC Department, Govt of Assam
9) Implementation of Assam Accord Department, Govt of Assam
10) Revenue & Disaster Department, Govt of Assam
11) Guwahati Development Department, Govt of Assam
12) Chief Engineer, PWD (Roads), Assam
13) Chief Engineer, PWD (ARIASP & RIDF), Assam
14) Chief Engineer, PWD (Border Roads), Assam
15) Contractors
16) Govt Employees of the Department
17) Pensioners
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This Citizens’ Charter will be reviewed annually. Any suggestions in this regard may be sent to Sri M. C. Boro, Commissioner & Spl Secretary to the Govt of Assam, PWRD at Block-B, Assam Sachivalaya or by E-mail to as-guw1@nic.in.
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